I’m Susana, the baking lady. I got this name from a 4year old called Mikkel. He used to come to my bakery every Saturday 🙂

Food has always been my drive, and when my daughter became a celiac, it became my full focus – I had to ensure a 100% gluten-free food choice for her – no conceptions allowed! Her life depended on it!

I have worked with food my entire adult life, first as a food and beverage assistant, then a hotel manager, and ultimately, and for a 3 year period became a gluten-free bakery owner, so I have learned a lot in the past 30 years.

What makes me different? In all these jobs, I was responsible for what could happen to the guests, making me learn about food’s many implications.

I learned about health implications, nutritional value, what to buy and when, how to know if the ingredients are fresh, green or ripe. How to store them and handle them. How to minimize the risk of food poisoning, what recipes work best and when and finally, how to make the most out of a budget. Oh, and please don’t forget there is also that bit about presentation 😉

Pretty impressive, don’t you think. I am a nutritionist, a purchaser, a cost and quality controller, a chef and an artist all in one 🙂 or at least I consider all aspects.

On top of all this knowledge comes the many experiences of catering for so many guests and their many different needs. I know their stories about how food affects them, and with them, I understood that although eating is a social habit, food is very individual.

Through Senza Gluten.no, I want to share my love, passion and what I have learned about food in general but specifically about eating gluten-free with you.

I aim to inspire and make your gluten-free journey stressless and how to have a happy relationship with food.

The act of preparing a meal is much more than mixing ingredients; for me, it is an act of happiness and therapy. You see, I meditate while I do it, and I love to see others enjoying the food I prepare. It makes me happy!

So “Let’s start cooking!”